Gabriel A. Tanglao

As a proud Filipino-American, son of a union-nurse, and product of public schools, Gabriel has strong roots that ground him deeply as an educator-activist. Passionate about humanities, Gabriel has taught at Bergenfield High School, located in one of the most culturally diverse communities in the state of New Jersey. Beyond the classroom, he has advised the National Social Studies Honor Society, Model United Nations, and served as a STEM Mentor to help cultivate the next generation of student leaders. Active in his union, Gabriel has built capacity at the local, state, and national levels by creating networks, organizing members, and facilitating leadership development. He has been focused on the work of promoting social justice through public education, and has traveled the country as a speaker, organizer, and trainer. Active in his local community, Gabriel has worked to build coalitions around the intersecting issues of racial, economic, and environmental justice. He has strong held beliefs that leadership rooted in democratic values, purposeful collaboration, and robust diversity is vital to our rising progressive movement. Gabriel earned an MA in Economics Education and Entrepreneurship from the University of Delaware, an MS in Teaching, and BA in Political Science from Pace University.

"As the son of immigrant parents, I believe economics education is a vital stepping stone in the mountainous climb toward the American Dream. If the Great Recession was an earthquake, then wealth disparity is the tsunami. Our role as economics educators is to help these students move to higher ground."