Doug Kramer

Doug has been teaching Social Studies at Herricks High School in New Hyde Park, NY for sixteen years. In addition to the main campus at Herricks, Doug has also taught at Herricks’ alternative high school, The Shelter Rock Academy. He teaches courses in World History, Participation in Government and Economics. Doug developed the AP Microeconomics course at Herricks. Three years ago, he introduced a year-long AP Economics course that incorporates both AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics. Doug also co-designed an economics course that is part Macro and Micro and part personal finance. He is a co-advisor for the Euro-Challenge Team that competes nationally. Last year his team placed fifth. For his work in promoting and teaching financial literacy he has been honored as a Gold Star Teacher by the W!SE organization. He also coaches Cross Country and Track and Field.

Whether it is history, government or economics, it is his goal to connect students with the world outside of the classroom. Having entered teaching as a second career and having had a life full of travel, Doug is able to offer a different perspective than students are often used to. The most rewarding moments for Doug are when students’ paradigms shift and they begin see the world with a much more sophisticated and expansive understanding.

Before teaching, Doug worked in the residential and commercial mortgage industry for fifteen years. While a residential lender, he was Director of Underwriting, Quality Control and Portfolio Acquisitions at Arbor National Mortgage. As a commercial lender, he was Vice President of Portfolio Acquisitions and a Regional Sales Manager for Arbor Commercial Mortgage. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration concentrating in Finance and Economics and a Master of Science in Education, both from Hofstra University.

"As much as we want to be loved, healthy, fulfilled, wealthy or maybe famous, in the end, we are simply seeking happiness. I have arrived at the conclusion that it takes two major components to achieve happiness. The first is an emotional flexibility that enables us to see, desire and take advantage of, the adventures and opportunities life can offer. The second is to have enough financial flexibility to act on your emotional flexibility. To me, this is one guiding belief that makes financial literacy so important and rewarding to teach."