Mayor Cory Booker supporting K-12 education in NJ

 Mayor Cory Booker supporting K 12 education in NJMary Blanusa, CEE’s Vice President of Government Affairs & Partnership Projects, met Newark Mayor and US Senate hopeful, Cory Booker, at Hackensack High School in Hackensack, NJ.

Mayor Booker has stated, “K-12 education is the front line of the fight for the American dream — our elected officials, policy makers, educators, administrators, parents and students are engaged in the last great struggle to help our nation achieve herself – we all must join in this struggle for the outcome of this fight will determine our common destiny.”

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Financial Empowerment is a Nonpartisan Message

By Congressman Rubén Hinojosa, Representing the 15th District of Texas.

In 2005, former Congresswoman Judy Biggert and I came together to form the Financial and Economic Literacy Caucus. Judy, a Republican, and myself, a Democrat, found common ground when it came to the importance of financial literacy. I am happy to report that Congressman Steve Stivers, Republican of Ohio, is our new co-chair for the Caucus. We will once again sponsor a House Resolution declaring April as Financial Literacy Month, and the annual Financial Literacy Day on Capitol Hill will be held on Friday, April 26 in the Cannon Caucus Room in Washington, D.C.

The message of the Caucus is a nonpartisan one: We need to empower young people with the information they need in order to make healthy financial decisions throughout their lives. A focus on financial literacy makes sense for policymakers from either party; financial empowerment can alleviate poverty and attack inequality, while also providing Americans the tools to be financially independent and self-reliant. This will not only ensure their families’ own financial security, but will contribute to the stability and growth of the entire economy. Read more…

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Financial Literacy Month aimed at raising awareness to manage funds

Cory Wilson Financial Literacy Month aimed at raising awareness to manage fundsBy Cory T. Wilson, Chair-elect, Mississippi Council on Economic Education; Attorney, Heidelberg Steinberger Colmer & Burrow.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant has issued a proclamation designating April as Financial Literacy Month.

Chances are, I realize, the designation is probably not on your smart phone calendar, and it may not be the theme of many spring parties. But it merits attention and not just in April.

As millions of Americans endured the drudgery of filing their tax returns April 15, a few thoughts on financial literacy are in order. Of course, it takes more than a Master’s degree in finance to understand our byzantine tax code, so leave that to the accountants and the tax software folks for the moment. Financial Literacy Month is aimed at raising awareness of a problem more basic and epidemic. Read more…

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CEE in the News: CA Assemblyman Pushes Financial Literacy for High Schoolers

Findings from the Council for Economic Education have once again encouraged local leaders to promote financial literacy in their schools.

California Assemblyman Roger Hernandez’ bill to bolster financial literacy instruction at high schools statewide is making progress. The Diamond Bar-Walnut Patch has more on his efforts.

“Financial literacy is an issue of equity. Not everyone is given an opportunity at home to be financially literate,” Hernandez said. “Teaching this topic at schools prepares our students to enter an increasingly competitive workforce and gives them the tools to help protect themselves against predatory lending, credit card fraud and other deceptive practices.”

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Financial Collapse: A 10-Step Recovery Plan by Alan S. Blinder

Sunday’s New York Times featured this opinion piece by Alan S. Binder, professor of economics and public affairs at Princeton, a former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve and the author of “After the Music Stopped: The Financial Crisis, the Response and the Work Ahead.”

Blinder outlines his 10 Financial Commandments, which, he says, “were brazenly violated in the years leading up to the crisis.” Read more…

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CEE’s Nan J. Morrison on The Huffington Post Education Blog

With each new year, we ponder the past and prepare for the future. Nan J. Morrison, President & CEO of CEE, looks ahead for our nation’s students in her latest blog post on Huffington Post Education, “To a Happier New Financial Year: Smart Decision-Making Begins in the Classroom.”

Read the full blog post here.

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