Focus: Institutions and Markets

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GRADES: 9-12


  • General Economics
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Do your students understand the financial and economic organizations that influence their daily lives? Your students will discover the roles markets, governments and institutions play in developing a thriving free-market system.

Economic Lesson Plans with a Global Focus

You’ll use history, civics, government and economics activities that bring to life the institutions your students read and hear about everyday. Your students look at real-world scenarios and easily realize how global institutions play a role in our economy… and their day-to-day lives.

Teach Life Skills with Economic Lesson Plans

While you’re introducing new concepts to your students, you’ll also sharpen their life skills. Through lively discussions, debates, data analysis and teamwork activities, your students will strengthen their life skills and discover how to make solid decisions – about institutions, markets and life.

Your students will:

  • Use a lunch menu to determine the efficiency of markets
  • Delve inside a case of trademark piracy
  • Role-play bankers and stockbrokers to uncover the function of financial intermediaries, and much more 

An Easy-to-Use Resource for Teaching About Global Institutions and Markets

You’ll expose your students to world trade and international finance with fun, simple to understand lesson plans. You’ll thoroughly enjoy exploring the organizations that have an impact on our lives… and so will your students!

This educator resource is no longer available in print; it is available on Virtual Economics 4.0.

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