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GRADES: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12


  • Financial Literacy
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Are your students “making the grade” when it comes to your personal finance curriculum? Now it’s easy to find out with these inexpensive, nationally normed personal finance assessments… plus you’ll make sure your students are top performers.

These assessments can be used with Financial Fitness for Life or any other curriculum materials you’re using to teach personal finance. You’ll measure your students’ progress in four key areas of personal finance: earning an income, saving, spending and credit, and money management.

These personal finance assessments are ideal for pre-tests, post tests or an end of semester exam. Plus, there are assessments at all grade levels: upper elementary school, middle school and high school.

In addition, the test booklets are reusable, so these assessments are a small investment for years of reusable personal finance exams and tests.

If you’re using Financial Fitness for Life, you can tie these assessments into all four personal finance themes, or you can administer a mini-test that includes one or more themes. If you’re using another personal finance curriculum, you’ll find a wealth of exam questions that are easily customizable to meet your needs.

As a pre-test you’ll get an accurate snapshot of your students’ knowledge, so you can tweak your class time to optimize weak areas. You can also use the pretest to create benchmarks for later testing.

You’ll also enjoy the flexibility of these personal finance assessments. Because they are customizable, you can address the various components of your curriculum with different test and exam questions, and then obtain comparable results across student groups or even classes.

You’ll have two practical resources at your disposal:

  1. A CD-ROM contains all of the tests so it’s easy to customize exams and search for particular questions.
  2. Grade-specific Examiner’s Manuals contain information about the test development process, the norming population, the test questions, and the analysis of the test results. The Examiner’s Manuals are an excellent reference and resource guide so that you’ll understand the reasoning and analysis behind the assessment questions.

You’ve taken the most important step and added personal finance to your classroom. Now maximize your personal finance curriculum by adding an assessment component. Your students will score well in your class… and in the financial world beyond your classroom.

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