Basic Economics Test: Grades 5-6




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GRADES: 3-5, 6-8


  • General Economics
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It’s the first day of class… wondering what your elementary students know about economics?

Why not give them an economics pre-test?

The Basic Economics Test measures the economic understanding of your 5th and 6th grade elementary students and helps you efficiently plan and sequence your course content.

How This Elementary Assessment Works

There are two sets of test booklets, Form A and Form B. Each test booklet contains 29 questions.

The exam questions cover:

  • Fundamental economics concepts
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • International economics

There is also an Examiner’s Manual, which contains:

  • instructions on adminstering and scoring the test
  • the answer keys
  • detailed explanations of the questions
  • norming data, and
  • scoring keys

How To Use This Elementary Assessment

As a Pretest…

Many schools are teaching economics at lower elementary levels, so you’ll want to know what your students know before you begin teaching.

When you use the Basic Economics Test as a pretest, you can effectively plan your course content and get the most impact from each class session.

As a Post Test..

You’ve invested a lot of time teaching economics to your students, now it’s time to make sure you hit a home run.

Administer a post test to evaluate what your students learned, and spend a class period reviewing the exam and generating a class discussion around the answers.

As a Midterm Test…

Evaluate your instructional strategies — and alter them, if necessary — when you use the Basic Economics Test to measure your students’ progress during your course.

How This Elementary Assessment Will Help You and Your Students

This handy assessment tool makes it easy to plan, deliver and evaluate an elementary economics test. The results of the Basic Economics Test will show you:

  1. what your students know
  2. what your students understand
  3. what your students learned, so they can use and apply economics in their daily lives

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