Susan Tanaka

Financial Capability: A Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility

By Susan Tanaka, Senior Policy Advisor, The Peter G. Peterson Foundation   As someone who has spent most of her professional life analyzing, developing, and understanding the budget of the United States government, I applaud efforts to improve the financial capability of Americans. While there are, of course, significant differences between individual finances and the […]

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Arkadi Kuhlmann

“Career and Life Readiness” Require Financial Fitness

By Arkadi Kuhlmann, Founder and CEO of ZenBanx, Founder and Former CEO of ING Direct   The lunch table conversation was light and collegial, focused on the upcoming weekend activities until my colleague burst the jovial bubble by asking if everyone had fully funded their 2014 and 2015 IRAs. Squirming ensued. All of the 20 […]

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Richard Cordray

Working to Advance Financial Education in Schools

By Richard Cordray, Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau   As we observe National Financial Literacy Month, let us all continue our efforts to ensure children and youth develop the skills and habits that will help them to make better financial decisions as they become adults. There is not a single good reason – […]

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Raymond McDaniel

More Must Be Done to Position Young People for Success in the Future

By Raymond W. McDaniel, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer, Moody’s Corporation April is Financial Literacy Month. It’s also the time when high school seniors begin to focus on their plans beyond graduation. For those who are college-bound, the economic realities of preparing for college—applying for student loans, financial aid and credit cards—begin. And for […]

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bedtime math

Money Math Mondays: Earning Income

Welcome to our third “Money Math Monday.” This week children will learn about ways they can earn income. We all know kids who make a few extra dollars by providing services like walking the neighbor’s dog or mowing the lawn. How about earning money for helping someone name their pet? Bedtime Math has found all […]

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Teacher feature image

Incorporating Economics in the Elementary School Curriculum

By Kathleen O’Hagan, Special Representative at the UFT, Former 4th Grade Teacher, 2014 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Teaching Champion Awardee Today’s public schools are tasked with so much to teach that it isn’t surprising that many essential skills are over-looked with the current focus on reading and math scores and standardized tests. What is often […]

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