Effective Professional Development via CEE’s State Council and Centers

By: Marc A. Johnson, Education Program Director, Colorado Council for Economic Education Professional development (PD) for teachers has sometimes been characterized as unappreciated and ineffective. Those of us who have taught long enough can certainly recall mandated PD experiences that were less than engaging, uninspiring and downright tedious. But it’s unfair to apply that broad brush to […]

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State Leaders Should Provide Professional Development for Our Teachers

By: Derek D’Angelo, President, Michigan Council on Economic Education Why do you wear your seat belt while in a motor vehicle? I don’t wear my seat belt because of a government requirement, I wear it because my mother was in a horrible accident. It was a cold February morning in 1993 and my mother was on the […]

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State Requirements Matter

 – J. Michael Collins, Ph.D., Center for Financial Security, University of Wisconsin-Madison Schools play a significant role in the lives of young people as they develop into independ­ent, capable members of communities. Starting at young ages, schools teach kids to be safe, to be healthy, to be civic-minded, and, at least in some states, to […]

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CEE Report – Winter 2016

In This Issue: 2015 Visionary Awards: A Record-Breaking Year! Note from Nan Focus on the Mississippi Council on Economic Education 2015 Accomplishments 54th Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference 2016 Survey of the States Released Over 100 Video-Entries for CEE’s Video Contest An Innovative Digital Assessment Tool to Track Students’ Progress Integrating Math and […]

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IN A STUDENT’S WORDS: Virginia’s Course “Gets an A in My Book” – Nicolas Jirinec, Chesterfield, VA

….AS A 2015 GRADUATING SENIOR WHO WAS REQUIRED to take [Virginia’s full-credit economics and personal finance course], I can attest firsthand to its practicality and necessity in today’s society. In fact, this class is very beneficial in teaching students about financing their future lives. The class taught us about the stock market, how it works […]

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