Teachers and Students: Tell us ‘What Should the President do to Improve the Economy?’

CEE is excited to announce the launch of its video contest asking students in kindergarten through 12th grade for the best economic advice they can give the President of the United States. To enter the contest, record one student, or a group of students, answering the following question in 60 seconds or less: “What Should […]

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CEE Report – Summer 2015

Three times a year the Council for Economic Education releases the CEE Report, highlighting our new and noteworthy events, programs and partnerships, including pilot programs and joint ventures with key supporters. In This Issue Advancing Financial Education in New York City Upcoming Events Note from Nan A Look At GCEE Financial Literacy Month Advocating for […]

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CNBC’s Sharon Epperson Explains Savings to Kids

Sharon Epperson, a former CEE Board Member and Senior Personal Finance Correspondent for CNBC, recently made a guest appearance on Sprout’s Sunny Side Up Show in a special segment entitled “Sharon Epperson Chats Finance.” In the segment, Ms. Epperson explains how a child can start a savings account with money earned from a lemonade stand. Watch […]

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CEE Convenes Meeting with Education Secretary Arne Duncan & the President’s Council for Financial Capability for Young Americans

CEE continues to explain the compelling need for better economics education at the very highest levels of government and commerce, building support for our programs. Last week, the organization convened Advancing Financial Education in New York City at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, featuring Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, and John W. Rogers, […]

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Financial Literacy: Best way to do it, is to do it.

Ms. Sandy Wheat is the current Executive Director of the North Carolina Council on Economic Education.   Writing in a recent guest column in the Triangle Business Journal, Sandy Wheat quotes Amelia Earhart’s famous quip that “The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” Likely, Ms. Earhart was referring to aviation; however, […]

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Laura Overdeck of Bedtime Math Featured in New York Times

The New York Times in a recent “Close at Hand” article from their Food section, highlighted Bedtime Math’s founder, Laura Overdeck and her practical yet playful approach to teaching children math. Mrs. Overdeck who holds a BA in Physics from Princeton has been fascinated with figuring out how mechanical appliances work since her youth. Today, […]

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