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We are delighted to announce that the 56th Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference will be held in Brooklyn, New York!

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Highlights from the 2016 Annual Conference

According to teachers who attended CEE’s annual conference, 100% would recommend the conference to a friend and 96% are still using information and resources gained at the conference in their classrooms.

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The following typifies the comments we received from teachers following the conference:

“The CEE conference is valuable on so many levels, it provides an opportunity for teachers, like myself, to reflect on their current practice and contribution to the fields of economics, financial literacy, and education. It gives teachers an opportunity to organize collaborative projects and grow partnerships. Teachers who teach economics and financial literacy subjects are usually singletons in the school so collaboration and sharing of best practices usually only occur in this type of setting. I really look forward to next years.”

Maddy Halbach, Academy of Finance Instructor, Applications and Research Laboratory, Howard County, MD

“Thank you to the CEE! They have shown a great commitment to improving the lives of children, through the gift of economic education. Not only do they provide terrific resources for teachers and students alike, but more importantly, they are dedicated to inspiring and connecting people together in this mission. A terrific conference indeed!!!”

Brian Held, Teacher, Loyola High School of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

“The whole experience was incredible and enlightening. How encouraging to witness educators from around the world sharing the common goal for financial literacy and soundness for all our students. I feel confident that what we impart to our classes will create better financial and economical awareness for their futures!”

Susan Vass, Teacher, Our Lady of Calvary, Philadelphia, PA

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Thank you to the Federal Reserve System for their ongoing partnership with the Council for Economic Education.

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